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Breaking News      Pro Life Groups Support Parents Who Refuse To Take Baby Off Life Support Against Court Orders
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22 February 2011
Pro Life Groups Support Parents Who Refuse To Take Baby Off Life Support Against Court Orders
Joseph Maraachli has been alive for just 13 months.  During his
short life he has become the center of a bitter fight between the
Canadian courts that has ordered he little life should end, and his
Eight years ago his mother and father, Sana and Moe Maraachli watched as their daughter died, at just 18 months old.  
Both their children were born normal healthy babies.  Similar to
his little sister, at 8 months old baby Joseph began to have seizures,
within months he had lost the ability to swallow.
Today he lies in the London Health Sciences Centre, in Ontario,

in what doctors describe as a vegetative state.  No-one is arguing
against the final diagnosis that Joseph is dying from a rare
neurodegenerative disease. 

His condition has deteriorated so far that he cannot breathe without medical support. 
Last week the Superior Court ruled that Joseph’s life support
should be removed next Monday at 10am, allowing him to die quickly.  The
decision affirmed the order of the Consent and Capacity Board of
Ontario which believed that there was no choice but to allow Joseph to
die painlessly.
Now his parents have refused to give consent for the doctors to remove any equipment keeping their child alive. 
As their little girl did, they want the right to take Joseph to die
at home, under the care of a different hospital, Children’s Hospital of
Michigan in Detroit.
Pro-life groups have begun a campaign against the court decision,
facebook pages are crying: “Bring him to the US! We will take care of
him, we don’t have death panels



The issue at the center of the debate is of Euthanasia.  Does the
child need to suffer further and for any longer. There is no question,
medical intervention will not be able to prolong his life, nor give him
more comfort.

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