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03 February 2011

A Recipe For All Food, Chocolate, Salad, Pizza: Foolity And Facebook Fondle Food 

It’s a recipe for chocolate lovers: place milk, cream into the
saucepan, dip chopped vanilla beans and finely chopped chocolate into
the pan and stir into a thick sweet sauce.
Divine, simply divine. 
Recipe after recipe, added to the power to chat, a place to seek
advice.  This is what the new website Foodily is offering users after
linking with facebook to take food well and truly into the online social
It a site, launched yesterday, that could only have been set up by
people who adore getting their hands deeply embedded with flour and
butter.  With photos of plates full of rich green organic asparagus
users can see, discuss and review recipes and the final product.
“No one who cooks, cooks alone,” says the website.  Food is not
only about taste, its about sharing the experience with others and so
this site integrates food with facebook to share the experience, the
pleasure and no doubt failures with friends.
To go to the website:
Its been set up by Andrea Cutright and Hillary Mickell, both of whom have come from working with Yahoo! and was launched today.

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