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Headlines      Gay Rights Activist: Win Against Russia
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Gay Rights Activist: Win Against Russia

Prominent Russian gay rights activist, Nikolai Alekseyev, has won a landmark case in the European Court of
Human Rights against Moscow Authorities.
The court last
Thursday ordered Russia to pay Mr Alekseyev $41,090 (29,510 euros) for
damages and awarded costs.
The initial claim, in 2008, was for 1 million Euros when Moscow authorities persistently refused to allow Gay Pride marches.

In Russia homosexuality
has been decriminalized since 1993, yet most of the gay and lesbian community still
are concerned about opening displaying their sexuality.

Yet recently Moscow’s
political landscape has been transformed as Mayor Yuri Luzhkov was dismissed after falling out with the
Kremlin.  Until his sacking Mayor Luzhkov
had publicly opposed gay parades.  Since his removal from office the first
gay rights parade was held in the capital.

Not without opposition, with activists having water bombs hurled at them by onlookers who were described as neo-Nazis.

For every small win there are major hurdles.  Last month Nikolai
Alekseyev was kidnapped at Moscow Airport, and held for two days by
those he
described as State Security Agents.
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