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26 February 2011

Which Way To Turn On Libya? Chavez, Gaddafi Best Friends In A Tizz
A silence has descended on Venezuelan’s left wing President Hugo
Chavez, unusual for a man with a reputation for being the loudest of
American critics.
It was only last October that President Hugo Chavez year sat at the
table of Muammar Gaddafi. Their friendship sealed by a shared political
Both leaders have much in common, both are a thorn in the side of
the US branding it as a imperialist power, both are leaders of oil rich
nations and both have seized power removing democratic principles.
Last year Chavez forced through legislation that gave him the unprecedented powers to rule by decree until 2012.
Chavez over the years has danced around the middle east investing
time and resources, courting those nations who share a similar political
doctrine, in particular Iran and Libya.
As the extent of the political turmoil in Egypt was disclosed,
Gaddafi developed his Libyan strategy with Chavez.  Their friendship so
strong that rumors in the past few days were mounting that Gaddafi had
slipped out of Libya heading to Venezuela.  
Yet as events unfold in Libya, as protesters appear to be slowly
gaining the upper hand over Gaddafi, Chavez has remained
uncharacteristically quiet. 
The only left wing, or Latin American leader for that matter, that
has come out in full support of Gaddafi is Daniel Ortega, President of
Within Venezuela not all is quiet.  The leader of the Liberal
Opposition party has called all ties with Gaddafi and his administration
to be severed.  
In the midst of a popular uprising in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen
and Bahrain, there are growing whispers that the geographical boundary
of the middle east will not hold revolutions.  
Whispers are growing into voices asking will Venezuela be next?

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Thank you to Leon for sending in the following comment!

The situation in Libya is not the problem. It is but a symptom of the

lem. This world is, and always has been, ruled by the male of our
species and, just as with Colonel Gaddafi, we are on the way out. It is
only a matter of time. And it’s later than you think.

Leon Duych

Thanks Also to Exin for sending in the following comment!

We all know that ” time is up ” for Muammar Gaddafi , second in line is Hugo Chavez who is barking no more.


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