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Breaking News      Russia: The Ballerina, The Nude Photos, The United Russia Party And Now The Scandal
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04 February 2011 

Russia: The Ballerina, The Nude Photos, The United Russia Party And Now The Scandal
She was the queen of the Bolshoi Ballet, beautiful, talented and
media savvy. Vladimir Putin raised her to new heights in Russian
politics, welcoming her as a celebrity politician for the United Russia
Today the story of fame, glamor and grace exploded into an ugly
exchange between the ruling Russian Party and the outspoken ballerina.
Anastasia Volochkova knew from five years old that she wanted to be
a famous ballerina.  Her dream came true when in 1994 when she danced
as a soloist for the Mariinsky Ballet.   From here she was accepted into
Bolshoi Ballet, taking center stage on a number of international tours.
In 2003 rumors emerged that the now famous Volochkova had been
sacked from the ballet as she had put on too much weight.  Yet her
future seemed secure as she was welcomed into the fold of the United
Party by the then President, Vladimir Putin.
The recent scandal began as Volochkova pursued her agenda of
establishing a network through the education system that promoted the
arts and ballet in schools, a policy that was seemingly ignored by party
Yet sparks emerged when Volochkova published a series of stunning
nude photos of herself covered in sand.  Party officials cried fowl,
that such a exhibition was inappropriate.  
For the photos:
Now the war has been taken to new heights as Volochkova accused the
United Party of tricking her into signing a letter that criticized the
former Yukos boss and Putin opponent, Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
On her blog last Wednesday she announced she was splitting from the
United Party, lashing out yesterday against her treatment from the
political hierarchy. 
“I was really deceived,” Volochkova was reported as saying in the Moscow Times. “I respect Khodorkovsky very
much. He paid a lot of attention to people and children. And I’m very
sorry for Khodorkovsky’s mother.”
No, doubt the drama will go on as Russia prepares for the next Presidential election.

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