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Breaking News      USA: Weight Loss Therapy Rejected By FDA, Again
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03 February 2011 
USA: Weight Loss Therapy Rejected By FDA, Again
Contrave promised a weight reduction program where you would loose
your appetite while your metabolism was increased.  Over time the brain
would be retrained into being able to fight back against food cravings. 
Produced by Orexigen, Contrave would help address the growing
problem for America, of people needed to reduce food consumption,
ultimately to improve their overall health.
Last Tuesday it was announced that the US Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) has finally rejected Contrave, from fears that
increased heart problems that result from using the drug.
It’s caused a swift response from the industry, worried that the
FDA’s is now showing a tendency to knock back such treatments, given
this is the third weight loss drug this month to be rejected.
The cost of producing, through thorough research and development
such treatments is phenomenal and if the chances of the product getting
to the market are too low drug companies will tend to shy away from such
an investment.
Yet last month Canada recalled a weight loss drug, that had been
already on the market, for fear that consumers were at greater risk of
strokes, heart attacks and psychosis.   

Synerat, it was feared through combining

Caffeine With Synephrine was the equivalent of speed, potentially putting consumers in imminent  


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