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Breaking News      Fc2 Female Condom Use Likely To Rise
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16 February 2011 
Fc2 Female Condom Use Likely To Rise
Women around the world are likely to increasingly use female
condoms.  The more women who take up the option of controlling their
contraception, will increasingly lead to other that follow, according to
Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro, leader World YWCA.
Already some nations have seen a dramatic increase in their use. 
South Africa, is a nation that is desperately trying to control the
HIV/AIDS epidemic now has an estimated 5.5 million people infected with
the virus.
After government health promotions throughout South Africa women
are heeding the prevention message and now the nation has become the
second larger user of female condoms, and the trend continues to grow. 
1.3 million condoms were given out in 2001, by 2004 that number had
doubled to 2.6 million.
Today San Francisco has come out strongly to promote the use of the
Fc2  female condom.  The city plans to provide free female condoms
through health clinics as part of a bid to reduce the spread of HIV,
syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia as well as other STD’s.
The company producing the Fc2, Female Health Company, maintains
that the new line of female condoms are thinner, cosier and a little

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Attn: Mary Banfield
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