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Breaking News      Beyonce Jealous Of New Mom Alicia Keys?
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Beyonce Jealous Of New Mom Alicia Keys?

 Everyone knows that Beyonce and Alicia Keys are
like glue, as close pals as it gets in the entertainment industry. So the
occasion of one of them giving birth to their first child should have been
reason for both to celebrate, right?

 Wrong…..according to some music industry
insiders. With Alicia Keys and partner Swizz Beats giving birth to baby boy
Egypt Daoud rumors are surfacing that Beyonce has been jealous for months.
Now, the pressure is on Jay-Z.

 “Beyonce is a little jealous, no doubt about it
and she has starting pressuring Jay-Z that their time might be now. With Alicia
setting a precedent she is confident that she can juggle motherhood and her
musical career” noted one Record industry insider who wished to remain
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