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29 January 2011
Antiquities: New Theory Can Be Scientifically Tested, Egyptian Pyramids Built From The Inside
How were the Great Pyramids of Egypt were built in 2547-2524 B.C

?  It’s been the topic of debate for years but today its been announced
that one of the most radical theories could be put to the test, that
Pharaoh Khufu ordered the gigantic structures to be built from the
inside out.

Jean-Pierre Houdin, a french architect by trade, first suggested the idea back in 2007 causing a storm among archeologists.
Until then it was most commonly believed that ramps placed around
the outside of the structure of the pyramid were used to haul the 2
million stone blocks to create the buildings that reaches as high as 481
feet into the Giza sky.
It took an estimated 30,000 people to construct the pyramids, over an 80 year period. 
Initially it was believed that ramps, cranes and equipment were
constructed on one side and as the building grew more ramps were added.  
This theory was logistically proven to be unworkable and so others
drew the conclusion that ramps would surround the outside of the
building offering a gentle and manageable slop to drag the 2.5 tones of
stone around the pyramid.
In 2000, Jean-Pierre Houdin, began constructing computer models of
the Great Pyramids to uncover the possibility that the stones were drawn
up from inside the pyramids until they reached the top.
While the first third of the building was made externally, as the
building progresses 6 foot wide ramps made of limestone were laid down
leaving a gradual incline of around 7%.
Now what has set the archeological word on fire is that this theory
may soon be tested by a group of scientists lead by Professor Xavier
Maldague, Laval University in Quebec .  
Maldague believes that if internal ramps were used, it is more than
likely that they are still in place today within the pyramids.
By using infrared thermal imaging equipment around the pyramid this
would detect radiation through heat differences which provides a
picture where no light is evident.
For one year the team plans to take a picture every 20 minutes to
monitor how heat moves through the pyramids and should ultimately
indicate if there is any inconsistency in the heat moving through the
stone.  If there is, this may indicate that the ramps are still in
existence within the structure.
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