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Breaking News      Pakistan: Mass Protest Demands Hanging Of American Diplomat
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31 January 2011
Pakistan: Mass Protest Demands Hanging Of American Diplomat
15,000 people yesterday took to the streets of Lahore many demanding the hanging of a United States diplomat.
A Consular employee appeared before a Lahore court last week, after
being charged with the murder of two Pakistani men.  The judge order
that the man be detained in prison for 6 days until a full inquiry into
the incident can be carried out by Police.
While the Pakistani government named the employee detained was
Raymond Davis, the US State Department have stated that this information
is incorrect.
On January 29, the United States stated that the detaining of the
employee was illegal, and demanded the release of the official as he had
claimed diplomatic immunity.  In response thousands of Pakistanis  took
to the streets.
From documents it appears that the American had  withdrawn money
from an ATM in the capital of Pakistan, Lahore.  As he drove away two
men on a motorbike, both armed with pistols, attempted to block the
In self defense the American shot both men, a third, innocent
bystander was also killed after another consular vehicle attempted to
The Pakistani Government is caught in an impossible balancing act
between placating Islamist groups against the interests of the United
Yet it appears that the government have no intention of releasing
the American after Interior Minister Rehman Malik, told parliament
that “I will never abet a criminal.”

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