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Breaking News      First Racist Attacks In Australia, Now Indian Students Electronically Tagged After University Fraud In USA
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30 January 2011
First Racist Attacks In Australia, Now Indian Students
Electronically Tagged After University Fraud In USA
An estimated 123,000 Indian students leave their homes and family
each year to study overseas.  For the United States alone its $13
billion a year industry and a new crisis has this week hit students in
California leaving many angry, upset and facing deportation.
This crisis comes off the back of the panic that set into the
Indian community after students studying in Australia were victimized in
a series of racist attacks.
In just one of number of events, in 2009 a shudder was sent down
the spine of many students when 5 men slashed 21 year old Nardeep Singh
with a knife in an attempted robbery.   
This week a new crisis has hit the community as 900 Indian students
face deportation after the Tri-Valley University was shut down by
American officials accused of immigration fraud.
The university advertises itself as ‘a Christian Higher Education
Institution aiming to offer rigorous and excellent quality academic
programs in the context of Christian faith and world view’ is based in
Silicon Valley. 
Yet papers were last week filed in the California court by the
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency after it is believed
that the university had illegally assisted foreign students to acquire
immigration status.
The allegations are centered around the University claims that the
1555 students were living in the state of California when in fact many
were working in other states including Maryland and Texas.
While branding the organization as a ‘sham university’ now the
students have the final indignity of being required to wear electronic
tags around their ankles to enable immigration authorities the ability
to monitor their movements, while each is facing the very real prospect
of being deported.
The incident has caused further shock waves for Indian students and
their families with many prospective students now canceling their
tickets for the next intake.  

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