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Breaking News      Frenzy Of Interest Mounts In Nicole Minetti, Seen As Berlusconi’s ‘Madam’
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04 April 2011
Frenzy Of Interest Mounts In Nicole Minetti, Seen As Berlusconi’s ‘Madam’
As prosecutors are preparing the case against Italian Prime
Minister Silvio Berlusconi there is a growing fascination about the
women who are at the center of the scandal that is rocking the Italian
Since Berlusconi’s trouble began, attention has been focused on the young Tunisian woman, known as “Ruby the Heart Stealer”

who at 17 was invited to the ‘bunga bunga’ parties held at the Prime Ministers villas in Milan and Sardinia. 

These were rumored to be the wild wild, bunga bunga parties where
women dressed up as nurses and police and paid to strip in front of the
Italian Prime Minister.  
As the countdown begins to the trial of Silvio Berlusconi that
starts this coming Wednesday the new woman to emerged and to capture the
imagination of the world is 25 year old Nicole Minetti who is believed
to have been designated the woman responsible for arranging Berlusconi’s
While her name has been associated with the bunga bunga parties,
her profile is rising in importance of her role emerges as central to
the good times had by Berlusconi.
In a separate case that will come before the court Minetti is
accused of arranging 30 girls to have sex, including one underage girl
including attending the bunga bunga parties. 
Her career has gone from just average to astounding since meeting
Berlusconi in a dental chair in 2009 after his teeth were smashed during
a protest in Milan.
She was a dental nurse yet within two years, Minette became a
dancer on Berlusconi’s television channel, then last month was elected
onto local council running for the “People For Freedom”” party.
With such media attention questions are now being asked, will local
government be enough for this clearly talented young woman or does she
have greater political aspirations?
With time ticking down to the opening of the trial on Wednesday
media attention will be focused on these young women will no doubt
provide an incredible insight into the backroom machinations of the
Prime Minister and his friends.

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Thanks to BS for the following correction (article corrected accordingly)


Ruby the Heart Stealer is from Tunisia, not Turkey.




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