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Breaking News      Who Is Terry Jones, From The Dove Church, Who Burnt The Quran, Caused Outrage In Muslim Nations?
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04 April 2011
Who Is Terry Jones, From The Dove Church, Who Burnt
The Quran, Caused Outrage In Muslim
He preaches from a Florida Charismatic Christian church who have a total of 50 members. Yet around the world, particularly in Muslim nations his name is now well known, he’s caused riots, deaths and protests over one act, the burning of the Quran.  
Ironically his church carries the name the Dove World Outreach Center and who would be criticized for believing it’s mission was to promote peace?
Yet so little is known about this 58 year old Pastor who was born in Missouri

in October 1951. 

His mission began in 1981 to promote the word of God, dedicated 30 years to being a missionary in Europe after a short career working in the hospitality industry.
In Germany in 1980’s he established a church that would claim to have built a membership of over 800 members, yet after questions over financial improprieties the church cut all ties off with Jones in 2008.
The storm blew up when German tax official raided the church to investigate whether the leaders had been deliberately involved in a tax evasion scheme. 
From his German church his Christian teaching was already beginning to attract criticism. 
While handing out food to over 50,000 people a local German newspaper was reported to have branded his teachings as “psycho-terror”

that employed psychological tricks while “perverting the biblical message”.

It’s not the first time that Pastor Terry Jones had brushed with the law.  In 2002 he was fined 3000 Euros by a Cologne Court for claiming he had obtained a PhD, thereby signing off as Dr Terry Jones.
His association with the Dove World Outreach Center began in 1996. 
Today the Church is listed as ‘hate group’ by the South Poverty Law Center for among other things the it’s publicly display on its well kept lawn a sign that said “No Homo Mayor” during an election where an openly gay candidate was running for the position in Gainsville.
As a person he is known as a pistol carrying Pastor who runs his Church as a “cult” according to none other than his own daughter, Emma, who still remains living in Cologne.  Others have described his management as “commander like” according to the Guardian Newspaper.
Today his fame is associated with his message about Islam, where he has flamed the fires between Christians and Muslims around the world.
A major public debate began in 2009 when 2 young people, members of his church, were sent off to their local school wearing T-Shirts with the slogan “Islam Is Of The Devil.”  The two were sent home immediately by the school.
He has tapped into social media using facebook and YouTube to voice his opinions. 
As a fan of Mel Gibson’s and his movie Braveheart Jones now uploads YouTube messages, called ‘Brave Heart Show’ that it seems attract limited attention.
In one he claims “Islam is of the Devil”, no surprise there.  And that Christians in America are used to the teachings of a “candy coated Gospel.” While “Mohammad was a liar and a deceiver”.
Last year in September the world was shocked when this largely unknown Pastor called for a “National Koran (sic) Burning Day”.  He threatened to burn his own copy of the Qur’an, an act was was described by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as “Disrespectful and disgraceful.”
Even Angelina Jolie weighted into the debate questioning anyone’s intention to burn a religious book.
Finally the burning was called off, after a deal was negotiated with the President of the Islamic Society of Central Florida.
Yet the story could not end there as Pastor Terry Jones set on fire a copy of the most important Islamic books, the Koran, on March 20, 2011.
Damage?  There has been much, it’s fueled anti-American anti west feelings in many Islamic states.
In Afghanistan, where US troops struggle to support the nation violent protests have broken out including an attack on the UN compound.  At least two people have been reported to have been killed, 20 others injured. 
“The burning of the Quran has spread fires of unrest and they are saying
that they will take it to different cities attacking UN offices and
military bases,” was reported by an Aljaazera correspondent in Afghanistan.
What next we may ask? 

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