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Breaking News      With Only A Junior High School Education They Hacked Into China’s Ministerial Websites
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02 April 2011
With Only A Junior High School Education They Hacked Into China’s Ministerial Websites
With only the most basic formal education two young men were able to cracked the code of various Chinese government websites, including four Ministerial sites.
Having never studied computer programming the two 20 year old men, Wen Chao and Fan Dongdong were able to hack into the Chinese Government’s top legal supervisory agency, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate.
Computer advisers informed the People’s Court of Chaoyang District in Beijing,

that the two had figured out how to decipher the website’s code, find a hole in the security then low and behold access.

After hacking into the sites Wen Chao and Fan Dongdong embedded into the source code links, including  URL’s for “study in the US” and “Car Trading”. 
As police uncovered the scheme Wen Chao and Fan Dongdong were arrested and today were sentenced to prison for up to 18 months. 
With such high level sites compromised, you’d think the two would have walked away rich men, but no, it seems that between them for three months work their profit was just $892.00.
Yet this is no isolated case.  The Chinese Government has been forced to review it’s security after last year it was announced that there had been at least 4635 attacks documented.
Some of the hackers simply uploaded  political messages, others left of message of pure achievement, while still more attempted to profit from their expertise.

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