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Headlines      Deep Oil Digging Resumes, Despite Threats To Whale Shark
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Deep Oil Digging Resumes, Despite Threats To Whale Shark

Despite the environmental disaster caused by the BP Oil
explosion on April 20 President Barak Obama announced yesterday the lifting of
a moratorium on deep sea drilling.  The full extent of the environmental
disaster has yet to be calculated.  What
is known though for one creature, the Whale Shark, its future in this once
pristine environment is threatened.

This is largest fish in the ocean, growing as big as 49
feet (15 meters), a shark that glides camouflaged in the open seas with its
unique spotted and stripped skin.  

Where the Mississippi flows into the gulf the Whale Shark
is most commonly spotted sieving plants and small fish up in its huge mouth as
it glides close to the top of the water.  Before the great oil spill the
Whale Shark was already listed as a vulnerable species. 

While no-one has been able to accurately determine how
many rove the warms seas.  In the gulf of
Mexico between 2002 and 2007 there were 60 reported sightings.

That was before an estimated 1,300,000,000 gallons (4.9
million liters) of oil gushed into the ocean. 

Fears are mounting that much of the food source of the
Whale Sharks has been destroyed.

The decision of the Obama Government open the passage of
Deep Sea Drilling once again has been met with skepticism by some
environmentalists, including Greenpeace.

safest way to guard against a deepwater disaster in Europe is not to go there
in the first place,” said Franziska Achterberg, Greenpeace.

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