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Breaking News      16 Year Old Daughter Of Executive Of Russia’s Largest Oil Company Disappears
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31 March 2011
16 Year Old Daughter Of Executive Of Russia’s Largest Oil Company Disappears
There are grave fears for the safety of the daugther of an executive of LUKoil, 16 year old Viktoria Teslyuk, who disappeared in Moscow on March 26.
Police are calling for assistance to locate the young women, with rising fears that she has been abducted.     
In a statement released by the oil giant, LUKoil, the company pleaded for help in locating Viktoria, the daughter of Rober Teslyuk, who manages LUKoil Overseas, Kazakhsta.
Viktoria was seen last Saturday morning at a subway station traveling to meet her math tutor.  
After not turning up, her teacher attempted to contact her by phone.  Initially there was no answer, yet after repeated attempts the phone appeared to have been switched off.
It is not the first time that kidnapping has been associated with an executive of LUKoil.  In 2002 Sergei Kukura, the Chief Financial Officer was abducted for several days, yet there has been no information released about whether a ransom was paid and no-one has been arrested in the case.
Today in Moscow volunteers are searching the area where Viktoria Teslyuk was last seen in the hope that she is found, alive and well.

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