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Breaking News      WikiLeaks Hacker, Bradley Manning, Attacked Stepmother With Knife
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30 March 2011
WikiLeaks Hacker, Bradley Manning, Attacked Stepmother With Knife
24 year old Bradley Manning has cause more than his share of headlines around the world.  In June last year the young hacker was arrested for leaking a highly sensitive US Military video to WikiLeaks.  Within months WikiLeaks would dominate the front pages of newspapers around the world. 
As Manning sits in a military jail in Virginia, accused of being responsible for passing a significant proportion of information leaked by the Whistleblower website, new allegations have emerged that before he joined the army in 2007 he threatened his stepmother with a knife, according to a report obtained by Wired Magazine.
It was in 2006 as Manning, then just 18 years old, was wandering between jobs and living with his father and stepmother. 
In a emergency call to 911 Manning’s stepmother is heard calling for help after the young man had lost his temper.  He had began throwing things around the house and as Manning threatened his stepmother with a knife, his father had tried to intervene but being in recovery after an operation slipped and failed to calm his son.
Bradley Manning was escorted from the house by police but never charged over the incident.
Never returning to his family home Manning wandered for the next 12 months, picking up work in a software company.  After joining the Army the following year his immense computer skills were identified.  He was soon promoted to the job of an intelligence analyst and deployed to Iraq.
It was here that it is believed that he honed in on his hacking skills and uncovered a wealth of information about the operations of the US State Department.
The full running of Bradley’s stepmother’s call to 911 is going to be run on PBS Frontline on Tuesday night.
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why do you write that manning attacked his mother?  This is
sensationalism and we have enough of it already in the “news”.  Quit
printing this trash

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