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Breaking News      Defense Forces Try To Eradicate “Hazing”; Now Russia Claim Increase Of 16%
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28 March 2011
Defense Forces Try To Eradicate “Hazing”; Now Russia Claim Increase Of 16%
Last week in the Philippines a video emerged on the internet showing a half naked young man being severely beaten with sticks.  This is nothing new to Armies around the world as the authorities attempt to combat the torture and harassment of new recruits.
Hazing is seen as a ‘rite of passage’ for new recruits, almost a congratulatory act in which the young people are subjected to harm or humiliation.  There have been cases of people being forced to eat excessive amounts of food, or alcohol or being subjected to ritual beating or physical abuse.
Today the Russian Military Prosecutor raised concern that there had been an increase of 16% in cases of Hazing within the Army.
An astonishing 500 new cases have been sighted in just the first two months of 2011 and in the annual figures there the deaths of two young people during to the barbaric treatment.
In recent years the Russian Government has begun a campaign to recruit ethnic minorities into the defense forces.  This in itself, believes the prosecutor, has triggered some of the increase in cases, with some groups attempting to impose their beliefs and cultures onto others.
For the young people enlisting this treatment can have a life long impact.  In the 1000’s of cases reported to the prosecutors there were ‘dozens’ people crippled.
Hazing has been a part of the Military culture for decades, yet it’s not isolated to the military services, but cases are often sighted in colleges and Universities.
In America various studies have explored the ritual abuse of recruits usually within their first year. 
It seems that both men and women are victims, yet women are less likely to support the more extreme torture that is dished out to recruits.
In Russia authorities have been advised that to eradicate Hazing there needs to be two approaches, one with prevention through education, the other by instituting harsh penalties against those responsible.  
Last year while 1000’s of reported incidents came before the prosecutor, only 50 officers were imprisoned.

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