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Breaking News      Kanye West and Justin Bieber Take On Michael Jackson
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Kanye West and Justin Bieber Take On Michael Jackson

There has been a spate of recent media reports
alleging that both Kanye West and Justin Bieber are attempting to fill the void
that Michael Jackson left when his life was tragically cut short last
year. Michael Jackson fans are reportedly angry over such attempts to unseat
their deceased hero.  Some have gone on
the attack insisting that these two performers are mere pretenders and no-one
can ever fill the shoes of their hero. This feud has even reached places
as far away from the west Coast of the US as the Philippines. In Manila,
Philippines  last week hard-core Michael Jackson fan, Esmeralda Cruz spoke
on TV about this onslaught: “Kanye West and Justin Bieber are talented
musicians, but if they are trying to replace and interfere with the memory of
Michael Jackson, we will fight that tooth and nail.”  Esmeralda received a rousing applause from
the live audience.

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