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Breaking News      China: Public Nudity Taboo Challenged In Plastic Surgery Online Show
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23 March 2011
China: Taboo On Public Nudity Challenged In Online Plastic Surgery Show
A part-time model, 18 year old Wen Liuhuan, has created an uproar in China as the student agreed to have her breast implant operation videoed and broadcast online.
In China public nudity is still frowned upon by both the general public and by the government.
During the hour long surgery the young student, enrolled at the Guangxi University, calmly talked about her anxiety and excitement at having the operation preformed at the Huamei Cosmetic and Surgery Clinic.
While her breasts were never truly visible it created a backlash against the idea of nudity in public.
As the show went to air last weekend complaints were immediately raised about the appropriateness of the young woman’s nude display.
While Western nations around the world have become more tolerant of nudity, from beaches to resorts, in China that is far from the case.
While nude swimming is not illegal it is far from acceptable in Chinese Society.  
Yet those boundaries have been pushed before by those who question the level of modesty expected in the nation.
2008 photographer Liu Zheng
was publicly slammed for displaying an exhibition of called Naked Peking Opera. 
While his photos used models, rather than Opera singers, the exhibition was seen as denigrating and cheapening the art.
To see the photos at the clinic who preformed the operation on Wen Liuhuan go to:


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