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Breaking News      Label Mix-up: Mylan Pharmaceuticals Urgently Recalls Anti-biotic and Angina Medication
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23 March 2011
Label Mix-up: Mylan Pharmaceuticals
Urgently Recalls Anti-biotic and Angina Medications
Canada Health has announced that the pharmaceutical company Mylan Pharmaceuticals has voluntarily recalled two medications, Mylan-Minocycline 50mg, in bottles of 100 and Mylan-Amlodipine 5mg, also in bottles of 100 after the company discovered the labels had been mixed up.
The mistake was uncovered by a chemist in mid march this year who found that four of the bottles she had in store had the wrong labels.  She immediately contacted the company who now have trigger the immediate recall.
The medications are used for the treatment of angina and infections.  The Mylan-Minocycline capsules have been prescribed mainly to treat skin infections including pimples, respiratory and uninary infections but also to combat bacterial infections in the gall bladder.
The tablets Mylan-Amlodipine have been issued to patients suffering from high blood pressure or angina and has been successful in relaxing and widening the blood vessels.  
The danger for patients is potentially life-threatening according to Canada Health. 
The Government agency has advised all pharmacists to return the medication.  
Those patients most in danger are those who are suffering from high blood pressure who also have a sensitivity or who are allergic to tetracyclines (a group of antibiotics) or minocycline (in a different range of antibiotics).
The company has not disclosed how the mix-up occurred.

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