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Breaking News      Ahmadinejad: Iranian Government To Eliminate Poverty And Unemployment In Three Years
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22 March 2011
Ahmadinejad: Iranian Government To Eliminate Poverty And Unemployment In Three Years
Yesterday as Iran began it’s New Year celebrations, in a televised address President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

promised the nation that the Government of Iran would solve unemployment within three years and eliminate poverty.

Yesterday, on Monday in celebration of Nowrouz (New Year) the President announced a change in Government policy claiming that by this time next year 2.5 million jobs will be created in Iran, a significant number for a nation that is home is just 77 million.
The oil rich nation is one of the most wealthy in the world yet 18% of the population still live below the poverty line.
The address came as the nation also listened as the Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

who called for an “economic Jihad” against western nations who had imposed economic sanctions against the country.

“These sanctions that the enemies of the Iranian nation have planned or
implemented are intended to strike a blow to the progress of our
country, or impede its accelerating progress,”said Khamenei, as reported in Arabiya news.
With the insurgency growing in Syria, Libya and on the brink of national reform it seems that Iranian Government is paying close attention to the social needs of it’s people. 
With promises to increase the standard of living of it’s people, and to build a social infrastructure it maybe an effort to avoid the turbulence occurring in other middle eastern nations.

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