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22 March 2011
Made In Japan: Label Turns Red Hot…?
Japan is the forth largest economy in the world with a Gross Domestic Product last year of $4.338 billion yet already there are concerns about long term impact on the economy since the Tsunami and subsequent nuclear crisis.
When we think of “made in Japan” our minds will brush over high tech toys, some of the worlds best cars, pharmaceuticals, steel and food. 
Our roads are filled with Honda’s, Toyota’s, our homes wouldn’t be complete without some Sony or even a Canon product.  
A Japanese label meant quality, yet since the threat of a nuclear disaster, and fears of radiation leaking from the nuclear reactors at Fukushima , that label, it seems has begun to loose it’s commercial strength.
The first reaction has been on food.  Are we concerned about radiation affecting consumable products?
It seems the answer is yes as restaurants and retail shops across China and further in Asia are removing from the shelves any product that could potentially be affected by radiation.
It’s food products that are most in danger of being wiped out of the consumer’s reach.  Those fears being reinforced with the Japanese Government implementing a freeze on some food products, Spinach even milk as well as Kikina, a green vegetable produced near the nuclear reactors in the affected region.
In China the fears are that consumers will be hesitant to buy traditional Japanese food such as Sushi, with some restaurants assuring customers that the products used were not imported from Japan.
This it seems is a double edged sword as the disclosure to consumers that food is bought in from such far away nations as Norway, takes away that authentic feel to the food was reported in the China Daily.
To date it seems that other areas of production our love of everything Japanese has not been affected!

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