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Breaking News      Canada: Police Intervene To Protect White Supremacists, Again!
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21 March 2011
Canada: Police Intervene To Protect White Supremacists, Again
They are a family friendly, non violent, peaceful group called the Aryan Guard, Calgary.  They have no leader, but together struggle for the survival of the White race, according to their website. That struggle for survival was assured on Saturday as Canadian Police set up a protective barrier around a small group who were being verbally harassed by anti-racists supporters.
Calgary is a town built around the oil and gas industry that now is the home to just over 1 million people.  It’s been seen a region fertile for recruitment for Far Right groups, with rumors spreading that the Aryan group had been out building a strong membership. 
That support seemed less than enthusiastic this weekend as only a handful, 12, of Far Right supporters turned up at what was touted as their annual celebration.
At the same time in 2009 the Far Right group failed to even be able to reach the town square, as for their protection police herded the group of 40 onto a bus, to ferry them to safety.
On March 19, 2011, at the annual ‘Blood and Honor’ Rally the dozen far right members where successful in being able to form a protest, albeit a small one, outside City Hall. 
Wearing masks, dressed in black, the White supremacists dared to shout chants towards their agitators, but were barely heard over the noise that came from the other side.
Thankfully police were successful in forming a protective barrier between the two groups to avoid an outbreak of violence.
It’s not the first time police have been required to intervene to protect the safety of the far right members in Calgary this week.  Yet the greatest threat seems to be internal, with members of the group accused of trying to blow each other up.
Just last week police reports emerged that two homemade bombs had exploded outside the home of a member of the Calgary Aryan Guard.  It is believed that the bombs were placed there by another white supremacist group member.
As support dwindles for the Aryan group, had the bomb exploded injuring the member their numbers at this years annual march may have been down by as much as 10%.

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