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Sex With Friends For 50’s

“Oh mum, that’s disgusting”.  There she is dressed to the
hilt, leaning over towards some man, her shirt suggestively fall down.  It’s repulsive, disgusting behavior yet in
the latest American survey on sexual behavior that tarting around is more
common that young people would like to think – older people are flirts, having
casual sex and lots of it too!

They were born into a sexual revolution but most were already
in comfortable relationships before the AIDS hysteria warned us of
the dangers of promiscuity.   Today in their 50’s this generation are
getting out there, enjoying sex with no strings: sex with a friend according to
the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior released by the Center For Sexual
Health Promotion at Indiana University.

23% of men over 50 years old confessed to having sex with a friend
or someone they were not in a relationship with, and for women, 13%.

Without the fears of pregnancy, the need for DNA or looking
for financial security, this group of people are simply looking for fun. 
With a
little chemical help the sexual lives of over 50’s is being increasingly
satisfying.  17% of men reported using
erectile medication in the most recent sexual encounter. 

But was the sex good? Absolutely, according to the women
surveyed.  81% of women reported having
an orgasm with a man she was not in a relationship with and a high level of

It seems our
sexual behavior is also changing with 11.3% of those in their 50s admitting to
having anal sex in the past year.

Get the inside information with our series about the
nuances of having affairs as Harriet Bay takes us through the journey detailing
the rules and risks associated with pushing the boundaries of prohibited sex.

Rolling With Risks: Tapping On Sexual Boundaries

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