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Breaking News      Prince William Meets Bligh, But Lands In The Wrong State To Avoid NSW Mutiny
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19 March 2011
Prince William Meets Bligh, But Lands In The Wrong State To Avoid Another NSW Mutiny
Could Premier Bligh’s political support get any stronger?  Already she’s riding high in the polls, yet it seems her grip on power may be even further bolstered after she met the future King of England, Prince William. 
But wait, down south in the state of NSW a mutiny is taking place as it has before with another NSW Governor Bligh. 
In 1806 William Bligh, representing the King of England,  took the reins of state from Governor King.
He was known as a tyrant, a repressive ruler with a reputation that was carved into stone as the Captain of the ship called Bounty.
In 1787 the Bounty sailed through the South Sea Islands collecting provisions.
Captain Bligh ritually humiliated sailors, dished out harsh punishments, including floggings in what has been recorded as an unbearable trip.  
A rift developed between the Captain and his sailors.  Under the leadership of Fletcher Christian a rebellion was mounted against Bligh in what would become known as the Mutiny on the Bounty.
Bligh was thrown off the ship and deserted on an Island, but managed to make way back to NSW to establish himself in the state of NSW and in 1806 be appointed as Governor.
Learn from his mistakes, he did not, as his support among the farmers, soldiers and all of NSW began to plummet.  In 1808 NSW troops lead a coup against the Governor, throwing him out of his position, sending him on his way.
If history can ever truly be repeated and if the polls in NSW are accurate then we may just see another, albeit, slightly different coup.
At next Saturday’s NSW election the Labor Party (ALP) may find itself almost as powerless as Bligh.  From the latest polls it certainly it seems to be holding a similar level of unpopularity.
The party could lose as many as 30 seats, almost decimating the state ALP.

While Prince William moves from official sausage sizzle to official sausage sizzle it seems Australia is once again falling for the Monarch.  
The NSW ALP and Premier Kristina Keneally must be hoping that Prince William will make a surprise trip to NSW to avoid another mutiny.

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