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18 March 2011
Give “Black Ant” The Flick Warns FDA! It’s NOT Viagra
Its marketed as a drug that enhances your immune system, significantly increases your libido, while improving your sperm.  Men around the world with erectile dysfunction now have a chance to radically improve their sex drive, proven by clinical experiments say the marketers of the drug, Black Ant. 
Not so, now warns the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  In fact is that the drug is simply down right dangerous!
Yesterday a strong warning was issued from the FDA to consumers that under no circumstances should the drug be purchased and for those with some pills stashed away in the cupboard, simply through them out!  
Black Ant has been developed around the active ingredient ‘sildenafil’, which is the basis of Viagra, the drug approved by the FDA for treatment of erectile dysfunction. 
Where it has become dangerous is that Black Ant has three times the approved levels of sildenafil.  Those taking the pills, if in combination with other heart medication such as nitroglycerin

are at risk of having their blood pressure lowered and be potentially fatal.

For men suffering from diabetes, heart conditions or high cholesterol Black Ant is particularly dangerous.

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