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Breaking News      International IT Company, RSA Security Warns Of “Sophisticated Cyber Attack” By Hackers
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18 March 2011
International IT Company, RSA Security Warns Of “Sophisticated Cyber Attack” By Hackers
One of the worlds largest IT security companies, RSA Security in an open letter posted on it’s company website has warned that hackers had mounted a successful attack on it’s system.
Here it is again, another cyber attack that leaves most of us wondering how it all could happen, a IT security company, compromised? Amazing!
“A certain amount of information has been extracted from RSA’s system” confessed Chairman of RSA Arthur W. Coviello, Junior.  In being alerted to the hack attack, the company identified it as an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT).
An APT according to experts is a highly sophisticated and organized method, by hackers with the specific aim at infiltrating a system for an information raid, mainly searching for financial details.
Their success comes down to persistence, backed by evolving and well resourced technology.  It seems the technique is to attack, watch, then change, until they find where the system is vulnerable.  As the company under attack increases and changes it’s security the attack will also evolve to identify the most successful method of infiltration.
In the open letter from RSA, the company stated that it was confident that no client information had been accessed but warned that they were working against time to defend against a further attack.
With offices around the world, from the USA, China, Italy, Japan and Russia with 40 million customers (2009) the company has been active in notifying both the stock exchange, and customers of how to ensure their systems are protected.
Those recommendations to customers was to use strong security passwords, increasing security with social media services, ensure all staff are reminded of the dangers of unsolicited emails as well as other recommendations which have today been published on

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