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Breaking News      Sacha Baron Cohen: Is Tiger Woods Cigar Guy?
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Sacha Baron Cohen: Is Tiger Woods Cigar Guy?

Rumors are flooding the internet that a strange, mustached
man who inadvertently appears to steal the focus all photos of Tiger Woods at the recent Ryder Cup, is
in fact the next character developed by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

Cohen, best known for his roles as Borat and Bruno could
be behind what has become, in sports arenas a celebrity onlooker.  If
this is the case, it is classic Cohen.  In photos emerging neither his
posture nor behavior
stand out.  What singles Cigar Guy out is his long red haired wig,
enlarged mustache, with
a huge, monster sized cigar hangout of his mouth. 

Now across the internet pictures are emerging with Cigar
Guy pasted into every, well at least some sporting events.
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