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16 March 2011
Oh NO! Glenn Beck: God Sent Earthquake To Japan
He is one of America’s most controversial, and powerful media players but now Glenn Beck may have gone just one step too far after he said on his radio show that the devastating Japanese earthquake was sent as a “message from God’.
As Japan struggles to contain a potential nuclear disaster and counts it’s death toll from the Tsunami (now officially 3,373 with still 6,746 people still unaccounted for).
As the world sends assistance and support to help with the clean up and contain radioactive leakage from the nuclear reactors the last possible act of cruelty must be to hear that someone believes that the Japanese people are responsible for the carnage.
During his radio show on Monday Beck was reported to said:

“What God does is God’s business, I have no idea. But I’ll tell you
this: whether you call it Gaia or whether you call it Jesus — there’s a
message being sent,” according to AFP.

God, it seems, according to the right wing commentator was angry with mankind and sending a message for us to change our ways.
The right wing radio host has already been questioned over his insensitivity as actress Whoopie Goldberg called on him to “look in the mirror”.

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