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Breaking News      Animal Welfare Group: Almost Half UK Pets Neglected, Lonely, Stressed
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10 March 2011

Animal Welfare Group: Almost Half UK Pets Neglected, Lonely, Stressed

It may not be intentional, we all have busy lives, we need to
balance work with children, yet in trying to keep on top of those
demands, it seems we are putting the needs of our pets as a low
That’s the conclusion of ground breaking research in England which
found that 10 million dogs, cats and rabbits are being neglected. 
PSDA, a service that provide free treatment to 2.2 million animals
each year, commissioned the survey “PSDA  Animal Wellbeing Report” as a
litmus test of how the welfare of the nations animals are holding up
against the Animal Welfare Act 2006.
The results of the wide ranging survey of over 11,000 respondents,
were that 48% of pet owners were unable to provide the minimum standard
of care to their pets.
Tallied in the results were the diet, companionship and their
environment, all these requirements being compared against the Animal
Welfare Act.
Tragically the report, released this week, found that even those
fluffy rabbits were not receiving adequate nutrition, in fact a 750,000
were undernourished, while 150,000 were cramped into cages that were far
to small.
3.3 million cats did not have their vaccinations kept up to date.
Yet the most shocking of the reports findings were that an
astonishing 1.9 million dogs were lonely, being left alone in the house
for longer than what is recommended. 
While it may be difficult to see the impact of this solitude, there
are emotional costs to the pets, including being bored, stressed, and
in the worst case scenarios becoming aggressive.

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