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Breaking News      Israel: Rabbi Matchmaker Begins Marrying A Gay To A Lesbian Plus Helps With IVF!
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12 March 2011

Israel:  Rabbi Matchmaker Begins Marrying A Gay To A Lesbian Plus Helps With IVF!
In an ultra Orthodox Jewish community its a struggle to be true to
yourself.  Men, women go to extreme lengths to hide or repress their
sexuality, some even try conversion therapy denying their gay or lesbian
Now, a Rabbi in the West Bank, has broken with conventions to
matchmake a gay man with a lesbian, then marry them.  Adding to his long
list of services he will help them to start a family through artificial
insemination, giving them a chance to raise a child, and build a strong
Rabbi Areleh Harel has linked up with one of the nations largest
matchmaking companies, as well as using his own networks to establish a
list, not long, but a list of gays and lesbians looking for a partner. 
The logic of this seems so simple two people, their sexuality
denied by their religion can join with another who has the same
experience. Both will realize that sex is unlikely to be an issue
between them, more or less equalizing the relationship.
To date 11 couples have been joined in marriage, with 30 gay and 20
lesbians on a list hoping with the help of the Rabbi to meet their
He is not alone in working with the couples.  With a psychologist, 
social workers and a marriage counselor everyone is guided on their
religious and sexuality questions.
The issue of sexuality has become increasingly open and accepted
within the secular Jewish community, yet there are many who find
religious teaching  prohibiting sex being gay and lesbians too much to
For conservative religious couples there is a need to reconcile the
teaching and a culture which condemns in the main, gay and lesbian
couples. For individuals, many feel the religious pressure to change
their sexuality, some needlessly participating in counseling and therapy
to control their desires.
For many the decision is to find an alternative, it may not be a
normal one, sex may be difficult to negotiate, but according to Rabbi
Harel this is an issue that can be worked through within the family.
There is no question some will look outside their marriage for sex every so often and so be it.  
“Most of the couples agree not to have relationships with members of
their own sex, but if there are ‘lapses’ once every few years, they
don’t see this as a betrayal,” Rabbi Harel told Haaretz. “Generally, it’s between them
and their Creator.”

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Many thanks to Steve for sending in the following comment!
My congratulations to this
My wife had planned a once in a lifetime trip to
Israel back in early 09.  One night on ynet or H’aretz news online, I saw
that a couple of the ultra-orthodox members of the Knesset had said of gays –
“they are worse then bird flu”.  this was when the world was concerned over
swine flu being transmitted by birds.
this was, by those ultra-@#$%^&* nothing but a call for the
extermination of gays by the very people whose close relatives shared the gays
fate in Nazi Germany.
I refused to go, saying something terrible was
going to happen.
A week or so after JUne 29, 09, when my wife
returned,  someone -apparently an orthodox type went into the gay and
lesbian community center in Telaviv.  And killed two and wounded about 9,
two of whom are reportedly parallyzed for life.
Then a member of the ultra-orthodox group in the
army said “this is only the beginning, the next one will be worse.”
As you can immagine,  for my wife when she
goes to the temple on some fridays,   we call it widows
And I go to see my gay friends in the large gay bar
in baltimore.  Which we joke about as “its gay, gay, and moe
this si just another example of the curse of
mankind – religion. I’m proud that my younger son is an aethist, and similar for
my married daughter.

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