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Breaking News      President Putin (Again), Joe Biden Says: No, He Has “No Soul”.
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12 March 2011
President Putin (Again), Joe Biden Says: No, He Has “No Soul”.
It’s about diplomacy at, almost, the highest level.  US Vice President Joe Biden is on a lightening tour to Russia to develop a consistent strategic approach as events unfold in the middle east and securing stronger economic ties. 
Yet Diplomacy seems to have fallen on it’s sword as word gets out that Joe Biden opposes Vladimir Putin running for President at next years elections in Russia.
Putin first took on the role as President of Russia in 1999 after Boris Yeltsin resigned from the position.  He was elected for two terms but under the constitution was unable to run for a third. 
At the end of his second term, not wanted to step out of the political fray the popular politician was nominated for the position of Prime Minister, his friend and political ally Dmitry Medvedev was elected as the Russian President.
It was after addressing a meeting of opposition groups that Biden was reported by two separate participants to have commented that it would be better if Putin did not put his hand up to run for the 3rd time for Russia’s highest political position, the President.
“At the end of the meeting, Biden said that in Putin’s place he would not stand for president in 2012 because this would be bad for the country and for himself,” said opposition leader Boris Nemtsov and reported in the Moscow Times.
From all appearances there seems to be no love lost between Biden and Putin.  Leonid Gozman, Right Cause party,

while confirming Biden’s comments regarding Putin running for a third term added that the US Vice President had stated that he had “looked into Putin’s eyes and saw no soul”.

There has been no confirmation of the comments from the White House as Biden continues his visit meeting President Dmitry Medvedev

asking for Russia to improve it’s record on Human Rights and strengthen the economic ties between the two great nations, Biden acknowledged still have ample room for development.

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