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Breaking News      Philadelphia: 21 Catholic Priests Suspended After Being Accused Of Child Abuse
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09 March 2011

21 Catholic Priests Suspended After Being Accused Of Child Abuse

Officially 21 Priests from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia have
been placed on ‘administrative leave’ until a thorough investigation has
been conducted into child sexual abuse claims raised by a Grand Jury
report that found a widespread cover up over the actions of up to 37
priests employed by the Catholic Church.
The sweeping action of the church, the largest mass suspension in
America of Priests, comes after the report was released on February 10,
Disclosed in the report were allegations that for decades the
church had covered up abuse of children as young, mainly boys as young
as 9.  
The report uncovers a long list of priests accused of repeated acts
of violence over many years.  In one case The Revernd Edward Avery,
aged 68

was accused of raping a 10 year old from 1998 to 1999.   The following
year the young boy was once again claimed he was raped by his Catholic
school teacher.

Yesterday a new law suit was filed against the Archdiocese by Philip Gaughan,

31 who claims to have been raped while a teenager under the care of the priests.

In response the Catholic church has appointed a specialist investigator, Gina Maisto Smith to report on the string of claims. 
In a statement released today Cardinal Justin Rigali apologized to
all those victims of sexual abuse who were under the care of the
“I know that for many people their trust in the Church has been
shaken,” Cardinal. “I pray that the efforts of the
Archdiocese to address these cases of concern and to re-evaluate our way
of handling allegations will help rebuild that trust in truth and

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