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08 March 2011

Want A Little Weight Loss Secret?  It’s All In The Chocolate!
How many super, guaranteed, too good to be true and never feel
hungry diets have you been promised?  Loose pounds in moments, no
seconds! We will show you how, sign here, pay there.   
After being worn down by oversold weight loss products another
comes onto the market that sounds hot, sound delicious, sounds, maybe
even possible, it’s Chili Peppers.  
So claim the Tokyo based Ajinomoto company who have announced this
week that they have applied to the UK Food Standards Agency for approval
to sell products containing an extract from Chili Peppers called
dihydrocapsiate [DHC]


Already Japan and the US allow the extract to be advertised as a weight loss or dietary supplement.  
Ajinomoto has requested permission to add DHC to chocolate, divine
Chilli Chocolates, or to cake, smooth soft and moist with a slight pang
to help burn off those calories.
The proposal is backed by scientific research which found that
chili helps your body to fight the build up of fat, by kick starting a
process in which protein are changed by the chemical component DHC.
In studies rats dropped off 8% of their body fat after DHC was added to their diet.
As Easter approaches maybe those little chocolate eggs that you
wished you’d never eaten as you stood on the scales, may soon be the
secret to the better health.
Yet, says, the manufacturer Ajinomoto, alone their products will be
of limited use, all weight loss programs must include a balanced,
healthy diet, now one that may contain chocolate; bliss.

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