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Breaking News      Can Peta Deliver A Knockout Blow Against Mike Tyson?
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08 March 2011 

Can Peta Deliver A Knockout Blow Against Mike Tyson?
Former heavy weight boxing champion Mike Tyson is at risk of being
pigeon holed by animal rights activist group People For The Ethical
Treatment Of Animals (PETA).
PETA has asked New York prosecutors to investigate Tyson about the
filming of his Animal Planet sponsored project called “Taking On Tyson”.
The television show, planned to be premiered by the end of this
year, begins on top of Tyson’s apartment which is home to a massive
pigeon coup where he explains his deep relationship with the animals.  
Tyson claims to have always been passionate about pigeons.  Even in
his childhood they played an important part of his development, even in
As a child Tyson threw his first punch against a neighbor who had
killed one of his pigeons, then threw it’s body into his face.
The series “Taking On Tyson” follows his journey with breeding,
raising the animals to explore the world of Pigeon racing for the first
The documentary explores the subculture of racing, known for being
male dominated, where there is obsessive behavior, embracing a love of
competition, rather than financial reward.
What is concerning PETA is how this sport drives animals to fly
excessive distances, where they are exposed to life threatening dangers,
where many do not return home.
Birds, bread for racing have been found miles from home
disorientated, starving, some have been reported as simply dropping from
the sky, exhausted and having encountered storms or wild weather
PETA has raised concern that this is a publicity stun to overshadow
Tyson’s dubious past, having been conviction of rape in 1992 and drug
offenses in 2007.

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