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Breaking News      US Research: iPhone’s Interfere With Sleep! Computers Stop You Snoring?
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08 March 2011 

US Research: iPhone’s Interfere With Sleep! Computers Stop You Snoring?
3am, the world is quiet, the darkness of the house is
broken by the light of a text being sent through.  Annoyance, it’s only
someone from work, another job to do tomorrow.  
The computer switch is silently calling, now awake
something is playing your mind.  You think you’ve upset someone, maybe
they’ve emailed.  Quick check, no, but lets try, and try again as now
its time to go back to sleep. 
Exhausted today, but not alone, as the majority of Americans are sleep deprived, and technology is to blame. 
That’s the results from the National Sleep Foundations
survey which were announced today.  43% of us, between the ages of 13
to 64 years old are rarely or never getting enough sleep particularly on
the weekend.
As the moon shines through the clouds at night are
minds are buzzing, being stimulated by video games, PC3’s a Wii or our
cell phones and all this sensory equipment is keeping us from those
quiet moments by ourselves as we drift off to sleep. 
95% of us devote over an hour, at least a few times a week, to using technology just before bed.
For young people the code of cell phone conduct is
being ignored, with one in ten of the 13 to 18 year old’s surveyed
saying that almost every night a friend would send a text deep in the
night, while they were sleeping.
Now where’s that iPad, now technology is needed as a work distraction! 

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