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Breaking News      WikiLeaks: Outrage Mounting Over Soldier’s Treatment, Forced To Sleep Naked In Jail
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07 March 2011 

WikiLeaks: Outrage Mounting Over Soldier’s Treatment, Forced To Sleep Naked In Jail
He has been in the Marine Corps Brig, a military
prison in Virginia for the past 7 months and now 23 year old Bradley
Manning is being subjected to the most humiliating of treatment, say his
The latest information to be disclosed is that
Manning, while being held in solitary confinement has been forced to
sleep naked in his cell. 
He’s been denied even underpants, after making an off
the cuff statement about being able to commit suicide using the elastic
from his clothes and flip flops.
This is the latest in a list of unusual treatments for a man who is still yet to be found guilty of any crime. 
According to Manning’s lawyers the young man has been
living in a tiny cell, been denied access to socialize with others and
has been refused permission to have any personal items in his cell, and
finally, just finally he has been denied the most basic of rights, being
able to exercise.
Manning enlisted in the US Army in 2007 and began to
specialize as a intelligence analyst giving him access to highly
sensitive material.
Its believed by mid 2010 Julian Assange and Manning
had formed a relationship where encrypted material was transferred
between the two.
In October 2010 WikiLeaks flooded the media that disclosed highly secret document government to the world.
Yet by now Manning had already been arrested for
leaking to WikiLeaks a US Video of an Apache helicopter strike in
Baghdad that killed a number of innocent people including two employees
of Reuters.
Since then Manning has been charged with a rare offense, ‘aiding the enemy” for which he could face the death penalty.
Now his lawyers are crying fowl over the treatment of the young man who rests in jail being subjected to inhumane treatment.
Already Senator John Kerry has begun to raise questions about the treatment of Manning, while Congressman Dennis Kucinich
asked: “Is this Quantico or Abu Ghraib?”

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