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Breaking News      Jennifer Aniston’s Beverly Hills Home Listed For $42 Million
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06 March 2011 
Jennifer Aniston’s Beverly Hills Home Listed For $42 Million
At $42 million Jennifer Aniston could consider a new career in the
property market after she is likely to triple her money from the sale of
her home in Beverly Hills, California.  
In 2006 Aniston was reported as buying the mansion for $13.5
million and today it’s on the market with a price tag of $42 million. 
It took Aniston and designer Stephen Shadley over two years to
redesign the 5 bedroom, 7 and a half bathroom home that trails over
10,000 square feet (3,000 square meters).   
In placing the house on the market this week, Aniston told People magazine that she was looking for a quieter, simpler life.  

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