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04 March 2011

Anal Sex Going Up, Slowly, Says New Health Survey
At some stage I think I blinked, maybe having children, then woke
up in the 21st century to find that sex had radically changed.  
In the 1980’s even 1990’s anal sex played no part in the fun.
 Maybe some embraced it, maybe some explored, but that was taboo and
rarely discussed.  
Somewhere in between then and now anal sex was discovered,
promoted and played out it would seem plays a part in every man’s
fantasy and maybe women’s too.
Its seems its left a generation of men and women in their 40’s with
a discovery, a new sexual brand, a whole new world to explore.
The latest American sexual research released yesterday, reflects the growth in popularity of anal sex.  No surprises there? 
Over one in three people, aged 15 to 44 years old in the National Health Survey claim they have had anal sex.  
Yet what is curious is that that increase, since 2002, is minute,
.7 of a percent and the trouble is, I for one think that’s a load of
Every man, every woman, it seems wants to explore this new
territory, it seems its simply part of sexual practices in the 21st
For those of us who were single and active in the 20th century it’s
left us, our group, now ready to discover a new and maybe a last
frontier to conquer.
When negotiating play, sexual play, what is there you’d like to explore she asks?  
“Um,” he says, “have you tried the ‘lighthouse’?” Anal sex that is.
“Yes”, its confessed.  “What’s it like, pleasure or pain?”  “Both”, that’s the truth I believe for many women.  
It’s not just the pain that so threatens women, read online, how many things can go wrong.  
“My partner and I have just began introducing anal sex into our
lives, but once it went wrong, it got very messy. What can I do?”
There has only been one man of 2010, who wasn’t interested in anal
of late.  “I tried it once with a condom, it smelt like rubber burning
poo.” Well that’s enough to put everyone off, at least I thought.
For him, somewhere there had been a push to try it again, and push he did, yet never with great enthusiasm.  
For others who came into the practice clean and fresh, there was a
thrill, try something new, something, tight, something very dangerous.
Careful as you play, your going somewhere dark, unseen, just very very tight.
“Was it painful?” I ask.
Answer, “No, not quite”, oh, horror!  
What I keep asking, what is the attraction, forget where did it come from.  
Too much research, including Dr Kimberly McBride’s ground breaking
research, ‘Heterosexual Anal Sexuality and Anal Sex Behaviors: A Review’
released in 2010 points to pornography that has turned anal
Today it seems its been porn pushed.  Today you can buy “100%
virginal”, “100% anal” or “double penetration” that is both virginal and
anal, sometimes, often in fact, at the same time!   
The latest sex survey ‘Sexual Behavior, Sexual Attraction, and
Sexual Identity in the United States: Data from the 2006-2008 National
Survey of Family Growth’  lead by Dr Anjani Chandra, showed for young
people anal sex is more than a fantasy.
It’s becoming a part of sexual practice from a very young age. 

15-17 year olds, 6.2% of boys and 7.0% of girls have had anal sex with an
opposite-sex partner,” says the report.

Anal sex is certainty a trend that has caught on, why why why. 
Truly it simply has to be about seeking to explore the forbidden, the
dangerous.  Or is it, truly is it more?  

By: Harriet Bay 


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