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Breaking News      Mosab Hassan Yousef Best Selling Book “Son Of Hamas” Released Today Online In Arabic
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04 March 2011

Mosab Hassan Yousef Best Selling Book “Son Of Hamas” Released Today Online In Arabic
He was one of the leading lights of the Hamas movement in Gaza,
involved in every aspect of the management even the arrangements for
suicide bombers to enter Israel. 
For ten years Mosab Hassan Yousef also worked for the Israeli
secret services spying on the movement, passing through information on
its strategies and leaders, including his father.  Today, the book that
became a best seller in America will be available for the first time
online, and, in Arabic. 
For much of his young life Yousef was a fighter for the
Palestinians, being thrown in and out of Israeli jails.  In 1996
realizing his action were what was expected of all young men in Gaza,
rather than a deeply held conviction, the young man was convinced by
Shin Bet security services to work for Israel.
He infiltrated the power sources of Hamas, passing onto Mossad
plans to kills Israeli’s via suicide bombers and thwarted plots to
assassinate top Israeli officials.
Israel was fed vital information about the leadership of Hamas, including Mosab father, Sheikh Hassan Yousef,

one of the founders of the Palestinian organization.  His father has since disowned his son.

While living in California and having converted to Christianity he
wrote his book “Son of Hamas” that become a best seller last year after
it’s release.
Today that book is going to be available not only in English but in
Arabic and online.  Is not just a drive to tell his story but to
encourage young people to question fundamentalist Islam and to work for
peace he told Haaretz newspaper.

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Arabic online version of the memoir “Son of Hamas” by Mosab Hassan Yousef.

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