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Breaking News      Angelina Jolie Keeps On Giving
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Angelina Jolie Keeps On Giving
Last Thursday the Charity Variety’s Power of Women held
its annual luncheon in Beverly Hills. It was by all accounts a star studded
event with big names such as Eva Mendes, Jennifer Garner-wife of Ben
Affleck-and Anne Hathaway in attendance.

All the attendees acknowledged the significant role
Hollywood plays in philanthropy.

 Conspicuous only in her absence was superstar
Angelina Jolie. It is unknown why Jolie didn’t attend but nevertheless she was
the talk of the night, as stars acknowledged Angelina Jolie as the ultimate
Hollywood giver to good causes.

I have to say that Angelina Jolie did something really
interesting when she became ‘Angelina Jolie.’ She took all that light and
attention she was getting and she shined that light on important causes,”
Mendes noted.


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