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Breaking News      Israel And China Forge New Economic Ties, With Emphasis On Technology
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04 March 2011

Israel And China Forge New Economic Ties, With Emphasis On Technology
Diplomatic relations between China and Israel have
been strengthened after a visit to the Jewish State this week by China’s
Commerce Minister, Chen Deming.
The political friendship between China and Israel has been fraught with difficulties.
Only last year China supported a resolution in the
United Nations condemning the construction of new settlements in the
West Bank.
On the question of a nuclear capable Iran under the
Government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, China has been one of the
UN member states to resist the pressure from America and Israel to
impose tough economic sanctions.
Last year China initially and publicly opposed sanctions until
discussions with President Barack Obama drew the Chinese delegation
It’s only been since 1992 that there have been formal diplomatic relations between Israel and China.
Since then co-operation in the field of agriculture, military weapons, science and culture have grown enormously.
On Wednesday a high level meeting took place been Israeli President, Shimon Peres and China’s Commerce Minister Chen Deming.
During the meeting both committed to developing stronger economic
ties.   Peres acknowledged the growing importance of China in the world
It was in the area of technology that both saw great potential. 
Israel, has carved a reputation for advancing technology particularly in the area of military development.
Just last month the Israeli Army celebrated when a tank was
patrolling the boarder between Gaza and Israel when a rocket was fired
from the Palestinian territory.  
With new technology the tank repelled the missile using equipment
known as the Trophy.  As the rocket was launched it was picked up by
radar then automatically missiles were fired, destroying the rocket.
Its with such breaking advances in science and technology that the
co-operation between the powerhouse of China and the tiny nation of
Israel is forging ahead.

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