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Breaking News      Pope Benedict XVI : Jews Not Guilty For Crucifixion Of Jesus
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03 March 2011

Pope Benedict XVI

: Jews Not Guilty For Crucifixion Of Jesus 

For so long the relationship between Christians and Jews have been
strained.  Much of this tension rests with the biblical notion that all
generations of Jews have the blood of Christ on their hands.
Its been revealed today that Pope Benedict XV1 has renounced this
arguing that all Jews were not to blame for the crucifixion of Jesus. 
For centuries Christian have taken the words of Matthew “Let his
blood be on us, and on our children,” words that have rung throughout
the ages as a theological justification for the persecution or hated of
Mel Gibson is just one of those who is said to believe that the
children of Jewish families today still are responsible for the death of
Christ ome 2000 years ago.
In a reading of the bible Pope Benedict, the head of the Catholic
Church, has determined that what the bible states is that only a small
number of Jews, in the time of Jesus were in part responsible for the
death of Jesus.
Those involved in the crucifixion were part of the “temple
aristocracy” they were the ones who had power, and influence to
encourage Pontius Pilate to pursue the trial of Jesus.
The statement has been made public ahead of March 10, when the Vatican will releases the Pope’s book to the market.
Its bound to send waves through some sections of the religious community. 
“The Jews killed Jesus. That fact will never change. They
have never repented, and they try to bully into silence anyone who
states that fact.” says the website ” Jews Killed Jesus.  
That belief still exists today.  The Pope’s message to those who
have perpetuated the myth that responsibility for the death of Jesus
rests on the Jews at the crucifixion of Christ to todays community,
their children and their children’s children, is simply, it is not the
“The historical reality
appears in St John and St Mark. The true accusers were those circulating
in the temple at the time… could the entire Jewish people have been present at this moment to
call for the death of Jesus?”

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Thank you to Lillian for sending in the following comment


Anyone with a thinking brain could have surmised that the Jews were not
responsible. Firstly, Jesus performed so called “miracles” on many of
the Jews. All his apostles were Jewish and the first converts to
christianity were all Jewish, and even withstood persecution for Jesus’
sake. Why hasn’t this message been stated? Many people are mentally lazy
and can’t deduce based on reason. It would have benefited the Jewish
community if the leader of the Catholic Church – the Pope, would have
made this message clear long ago.

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