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Breaking News      Mike Huckabee Adamant That Obama Was Raised In Africa And Questioned Where He Was Born
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02 March 2011
Mike Huckabee Adamant That Obama Was Raised In Africa And Questioned Where He Was Born
He is rumored to one of the strongest candidates in the running to
represent the Republicans at the elections for United States President
in 2012.
Yet Mike Huckabee is now is hot water after wrongly claiming during
an interview last Monday that President Barack Obama was raised in
During the interview on The Steve Malzberg Show, Huckabee
questioned, as many before him if Obama was born in the United States or
in Africa.
He would “love to know more” about where Obama’s was born, he told interviewer Steve Malzberg. 
The former Governor of Arkansas then went onto discuss why Obama
may see issues from a different perspective to most, even claiming the
President was more hostile to the British, “having grown up in Kenya.” 
Kenya, once a British colony became independent in 1963 yet still
within the nation there are old resentments and some hostility towards
In an effort to seemingly rewriting Obama’s history Huckabee
stated  “he [Obama] probably grew up hearing that the British were a
bunch of imperialists who persecuted his grandfather.”
While there has been no response from President Obama what is very clear
is that while his father was Kenyan, he was raised in Hawaii and sent
time in Indonesia.
For the full interview on the Steve Malzberg show:

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