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02 March 2011
Cell Phone Porn Filters: Science Catching Up With Kids And Technology
Parents today know the drill, monitor what your children are doing
on the computer, install software that blocks porn and other sites.  Yet
kids will be kids and find ways around any parental restrictions. 
By the age of 10, 36% of children now own a cell phone, a figure which has doubled since 2005. 
Cell phones are fantastic for communication with mom.  Yet it’s the
ability to take photos, to access facebook and talk to friends that is
really the joy and increasingly the danger for young people.
49% of young people under 11 years old use the camera, 25% text
photos and 49% play games.  While this all seems rather innocuous what
is now worrying authorities is the unguarded access young people have to
access to websites view their phones, and out of sight of adults.
The porn industry was estimated to be worth $4.9 billion dollars in
2010 and today litters the internet.  Its easily accessible and for
young people now, with a cell phone it’s just a few clicks away.  
Yet there is a home grown industry where girls in
compromising positions are having their photos taken sent as texts to
friends.  Sexting was remarkably common among teenagers in 2009. 
In one survey one third of young people aged between 14 and 24
admitted to having sent naked photos of themselves via cell phones.
In the extreme cases police have been forced to intervene in a
number of high profile incidents in which young women have found photos
of themselves in compromising position being texted without their
In 2008 two young women from Pennsylvania

had photos of themselves, one with her boyfriend the other with her breasts showing, sent to all their class mates. 

Police attempted to block the photos being sent wider.  However
according to at least one student by the time police had intervened the
photos had been unleased to far wider audience than the school
For years technology offers parents internet filters for their
computers that effectively blocks any site that is deemed unsuitable,
but until recently there was no or little protection for cell phones.
Now a new product has been designed by Samsung and the company has
applied for a patent that enables parents to access images being viewed
on their children’s mobiles.
The software scans images for any that display an unusual amount of
bare skin.  As this image is downloaded, if appears to be pornographic
that image will be blocked and forwarded immediately to the parents
It may not be a guarentee to guard the safety of young people but it will enable parents some way  

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