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Breaking News      Next Generation Of Leaders To Meet As North Korea Sends Kim Jong Il’s Son To China
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01 March 2011

Next Generation Of Leaders To Meet As North Korea Sends Kim Jong Il’s Son To China
China has expressed concern over potential instability in North
Korea as the health of the leader Kim Jong Il deteriorates.  As a show
of unity between the two nations Kim Jong Il’s son, and heir apparent,
Kim Jong Un will visit China next month, its been revealed in documents
cited by The Japanese Times.
The official visit is planned for March 14 2011, at the conclusion of the National People’s Congress. 
China in the report declared it’s support for the succession plan
for power to be handed over to Kim Jong Un.  This visit is aimed at
cementing ties between the younger generation of leaders in China and
those in North Korea.
On the agenda for meetings between the national leaders are the
upcoming US Presidential election as well as in Russia and the changes
unfolding in the middle east.
There have been no signs of a powerful movement from within China
or North Korea, at this time, as has been seen in Egypt, Tunisia and
Libya. Yet both governments must been aware that a relentlessly movement
for democracy as has been seen in nations of the middle east are
possible in both countries.
China has already experienced an internal push for democracy but
the tightly managed nation of North Korea has been kept descent under
control by Kim Jong Il.  As the leader’s health deteriorates disquiet is
mounting as to the strength of the regime, or the ability of opposition
forces to rally an effective movement.
Kim Jong Un has approached both China’s current President Hu Jintao

and Xi Jinping,  who is tipped to be his successor.

Whatever the meetings may cover what is clear is that both nations
are planning for a change in leadership and in such times of change and
upheaval cracks in political power what can emerge is an opportunity for

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