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Breaking News      Michael Moore’s Latest Project: Mining Giant Vale And The Global War On The Middle Class
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28 February 2011
Michael Moore’s Latest Project: Mining Giant Vale And The Global War On The Middle Class
Award Winner, Film Maker Michael Moore has thrown his considerable
weight behind a battle between the mining giant Vale and the workers of
Thompson, in the Canadian province of Manitoba.
“Right now Thompson is fighting a frontline battle in a war that’s been
raging for the past 30 years — the global war of the world’s rich on
the middle class,” said Moore in his blog last Friday.
Vale, the Brazilian based mining company, bought the mine off Inco
in 2006.  Under the guidelines Inco had established a social agreement
with unions, and with the Canadian government, that would provide
benefits to be shared with all Canadians.
The mine is one of the largest producers of nickel, was sold for
$17.6 million, but now it seems the new owners of the company wants to
close the smelting and refining operations.
Moore is outraged not only over the loss of jobs and the economic
base for the region but the company has gone back on its commitment to
support Canadian jobs.
More over, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has provided a
loan to the company of $1 billion to restructure the operations, which
will end in further job losses.
Workers organized by the United Steelworkers union and
employed by Vale across Canada have been on strike for the past 19 months. 
“So this is about one thing and one thing only: killing the social
contract of Canada. Vale and the Harper government don’t want a future
where Brazil gradually becomes more like Canada. Instead, they want a
future where Canada becomes Brazil. And not just Canada: the
corporations’ plan is that the Third World will become the Only World,” concluded Moore last week.

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