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Breaking News      PC3 Under Siege As Sony Strikes Back At Hackers, Police Raid Graf_chokolo’s Home
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25 February 2011

PC3 Under  As Sony Strikes Back At Hackers, Police Raid Graf_chokolo’s Home
In the little known world of Hacking, big things are shaking.  This week Sony, arm in arm with local police raided the house of the now world re-known hacker Graf_chokolo.
From the outside it would appear that this is a ongoing battle between young able minded boys against corporate giants.  Against the odds it would seem hackers keep scoring, yet now Gaming giant Sony is striking back armed in battle with a law suit and police.
This week German based hacker Graf_chokolo’s home was raided by police alone with a Sony representative.  
As police entered his house Graf_chokolo began telling the world about what was being done.  It was reported that on February 23, 2011 Graf announced “Guys, SONY was today at my home with police and got all my stuff and accounts. So be careful from now on.”
He went onto say:
“Guys, i don’t joke, it’s serious.” Graf_chokolo announced in his blog.  “And to prove it, i
kept my word and uploaded all my HV reversing stuff. Upload it
everywhere so SONY couldn’t remove it easily. Grab it guys, it contains
lots of knowledge about HV and HV procs.”
Within the 30 minutes of seizing his equipment Graf released buckets of information that have become known as the Hypervisor Bible that will become the launch pad for others to hack into the PC3.
For outsiders this is a fascinating world, a fascinating battle and one that you can barely resist taking sides with.  Go hackers, who could not be impressed by the skill tenacity and fantastically bad behavior.
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