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25 February 2011
Calls Continue For Murdoch To Sack Glenn Beck, Disregarding Apology
Since 2002 Radio and Television personality, Glenn Beck has dominated the rating.  Disregarding a 39% drop in his annual audience he still commands 1.8 million viewers each night on Fox News.
With such a strong audience pull it would be hard for Rupert Murdoch to end the career of Glenn Beck, yet that is exactly what some Jewish groups are asking for after Beck likened Reform Judaism to radical Islam.
It was such an outrageous statement even Beck himself announced last Thursday that he had indeed made a mistake, he had not researched the topic adequately and apologized.
“I made a mistake on Tuesday and I want to make sure you understand I was wrong on it and I apologize on it,” were Beck’s words as he opened his radio show yesterday.

Beck has established a reputation for being conservative, not to mention his particularly controversial views.  In 2009 Beck described President Barack Obama as “a guy who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.”

Singled out for much criticism has been the Islamic community who it would seem according to Beck are seeking to undermine American culture.
Yesterday’s apology to the Jewish community was a backtrack on his statement that likened Reform Judaism to radical Islam, both of which were branded by Beck as political mechanism, rather than religious doctrines.
“Someone called me ‘ignorant’ for it and it’s a good description of what I said,”  ended Beck apology yesterday.

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